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A group of farmers from the region of Achterhoek establishes Aviko (Aardappel Verwerkende Industrie Keppel en Omstreken Aviko – the Keppel and District Potato Processing Industry).

The Dutch farmers’ co-operative Cebeco Handelsraad acquires a controlling interest in Aviko, and the company itself moves to Steenderen. Thanks to the new funds, Aviko receives the resources for a continued dynamic growth. By that time the company is processing 40,000 tonnes of potatoes.
1973 – 1978

A second factory is built in Steenderen and in France the company opens its first office abroad. At that time Aviko is already processing 135,000 tonnes of potatoes per year and begins its expansion to the European markets. In 1978 Aviko launches an advertising campaign to establish the company image as an A-brand.

Aviko consolidates its position on the European market by taking over French Lomm-based French fries producer De Fritesspecialist. Aviko builds its third factory in Steenderen, which produces potato specialities. The annual processed tonnage has now leapt to 240,000 tonnes of potatoes.

Aviko opens a sales office in the United Kingdom. It is now processing 300,000 tonnes of potatoes.

Aviko builds its fourth factory in Steenderen, which produces fresh and frozen French fries. The annual production capacity reaches 380,000 tonnes.

Thanks to the fall of the Berlin Wall, Aviko can starts its expansion into the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The company opens its first sales office in Hungary. Aviko processes 675,000 tonnes of potatoes per year.
1990 - 1992

Aviko takes over Dutch company Castel Frites, processes 780,000 tonnes of potatoes and takes the decision to build a fifth factory in Steenderen.
1994 - 1995

The opening of a factory in Lębork, Poland and sales offices in Italy and the Czech Republic. The annual production capacity exceed 1,000,000 tonnes of potatoes.
1998 - 1999

Aviko takes over potato growing and trading company Korteweg B.V. and acquires shares in the French company Vico.

Aviko opens a new factory in Rain am Lech, Germany.

Acquisition of Boots Pommes Frites Mann Gruppe. The annual processed tonnage has now increased to 1,450,000 tonnes of potatoes.

Royal Cosun acquires 70% interest in Aviko from Cebeco.
2004 - 2005

Aviko starts to build a unique, new production line for the production of fresh and frozen potato specialities. At the same time Aviko takes over the Nestlé factory in Venray, which produces dry potato products.

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50 years of Aviko!

2012 saw us celebrate an amazing 50 years in the business, a huge milestone marking half a century of innovation and endeavour. The company has been transformed since 1962 from a small co-operative of 32 farmers, growing to become a European leader and one of the four largest potato processors in the world.