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The Aviko company was established over 40 years ago (in 1962) in the Netherlands as a join initiative of a group of farmers from the Achterhoek region. Since then it has evolved into an international organisation, with 7 factories in 3 European countries and sales offices in 8 countries, constituting a part of the Royal Cosun company. Aviko products currently reach nearly 70 countries on 5 continents!

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The 2nd largest producer of potato products

The world

One of the world’s top 4 potato processors

50 years of Aviko

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"One thing that cannot be denied about Aviko: in the past 50 years, Aviko has evolved from a regional company into a pan-European organisation - a cutting-edge company in its sector, a market leader in many of its markets and the world's largest manufacturer of chilled fries. While the past 50 years have not all been plain sailing for Aviko, the focus in the years ahead will be on further growth into a world-class player: the company you turn to when you are looking for a wide variety of potato products, for inspiration for a surprising menu, perhaps, and for the knowledge and ability to help you, the customer. 50 years of Aviko: A world class player!"
Martin van de Ven, CEO

Over 50 years of experience, intensive growth, and expansion into global markets.
Aviko processes over 1,700,000 tonnes of potatoes per year.
Year 2005 – turnover exceeding EUR 400 million
Aviko is known in 67 countries of the world

Mamma Mia! Mama's Fries!

Natural taste! Skin on! Like typical "home-made" product. This is Mama's Fries - new Aviko product.
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50 years of Aviko!

2012 saw us celebrate an amazing 50 years in the business, a huge milestone marking half a century of innovation and endeavour. The company has been transformed since 1962 from a small co-operative of 32 farmers, growing to become a European leader and one of the four largest potato processors in the world.